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Roulette is played in casinos throughout the world, both online and offline. Of American, French and European Roulette, French is the most popular style of the game to players in many different parts of the world. Fabulous Casinoís French Roulette game offers exciting gameplay to its members.

French Roulette is more complicated than either American or European Roulette. Since it poses such a challenge to players, this version of Roulette is popular among high rollers because the payouts are so high. The numbers zero through 36 appear on a French Roulette wheel. The lined betting field used is different than the ones used for American and European Roulette. Players place their bets and then spin the wheel. The player that betted on the winning numbers receives the money. When it comes to the inside bets of a French Roulette game the options are straight, split and trio. Outside bets and announced bets are also used in French Roulette.

This version of Roulette uses rules that were set by French players. The rules of French Roulette make it easier to win than either the American or European versions of the game. In this version, if the winning number of a particular round is zero, half of the bet a player made is returned to them if they didnít bet on zero but instead bet on an equal chance number. French Roulette wheels only have one zero on them, which acts as a house advantage at brick and mortar casinos. One aspect of French Roulette that confuses many players is that all of the chips used in the game are one color only. In other versions of Roulette the chips are several different colors.

Playing French Roulette at Fabulous Casino is a fun experience for players of all skill levels and highly recommended.

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